Work Packages

Work package 1

WP1 (M0-24) includes all activities related to the general management and coordination of the project.

Work package 2

WP2 (M3-24) is about the collection and analysis of EU and national legislation and case law on Internet-related private international law. Sources collected in WP2 will feed the development of the knowledge base (rules and ontology) of WP3. The research will be carried out by researchers affiliated with the partner organisations as well as external experts, and will focus on the application of the relevant EU acquis by courts in selected countries. The analysis will deliver a national report for each of the Member States covered and a comparative report identifying common trends and challenges for correct and uniform implementation of the EU acquis.

Work package 3

WP3 (M1-18) is about modelling the knowledge base (rules and the ontology) of the system, based on the content of selected sources from WP2. The knowledge base will be validated and refined on the basis of two complementary inputs: feedback from software development (WP4) and feedback from testing activities (WP5). The rule language will be based on the OASIS LegalRuleML standard, which provides structures for modelling rules and exceptions (defeasibility) and different kinds of operative facts and effects (obligation, permissions, institutional states of affairs). The ontology will be based on existing top-level ontologies and domain ontologies for legal concepts and will be created with the open source ontology development tools Protégé.

Work package 4

WP4 (M1-24) is about the development of the InterLex online platform. The definitions for the rule bases and ontology will be used in the development of the decision support module, the find law module and the training module. The work will either include the development of an in-house rule reasoner or the integration of an existing third-party tool. The InterLex online platform will be validated and refined on the basis of feedback resulting from testing activities (WP5).

Work package 5

WP5 (M1-M24) is about testing the tools, drafting training manuals and organising training events for legal practitioners. Testing of the InterLex platform will be carried out in the context of specific workshops involving different categories of potential users. The workshops will include a number of hypothetical situations modelled on some of the cases included in the database, to test whether participants can identify potential solutions. The training manuals will contain a selection of case studies and several hypothetical scenarios to be used to simulate the actual process of adjudicating a case involving PIL.